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"... wonderfully tuned, challenging, complex without being overwhelming, and wears it's gameplay proudly on it's sleeve. Frog City should be wildly commended for shipping such an excellent title, and showing that turn based games, even ones without (relatively) big name licenses, can still pull their weight when it comes to fun. I strongly recommend this game." -- Rob "Xemu" Fermier, Irrational Games


September 2009

"This game has totally blown me away, I have lost many hours of sleep playing through the night and have even wagged school so that I could get more game time, not to mention the hours of study I have missed out on for exams due to this freak of nature." -- Alex the Alien

Imp 1 review from Gamespot

Imperialism succeeds in creating an engrossing simulation of naked power-mongering.

Balance is the key. That’s what’s most impressive about Imperialism, from SSI and Frog City: the delicate high-wire act of balancing military buildup, diplomacy, expansion, trade relations, and production. There are many successful empire-building games, but Imperialism reduces the concept to its essence – building an …

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Strategy guides and manuals


Imp 1

Manual in PDF format Download

Strategy Guide

Paperback, 240 pages
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
ISBN: 0761510915

This guide includes maps, strategies, hints, tips, and walkthroughs.

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Imp 2

Manual in PDF format Download

Strategy Guide

Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration
Official Strategies …

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Imp 2's civilian units


These are the guys you use to explore and develop your territories. The descriptions that follow are from the Official Strategy Guide.

The Explorer is arguably the most important civilian unit in the opening stages of the game. The Explorer’s priorities include locating sources of iron ore closest to the capital; finding copper and tin; prospecting …

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IGN’s review of Imp 2

US,  April 9, 1999 – It’s been a banner season for turn-based strategy games. After a long dearth, we’ve been presented with Heroes of Might and Magic III, Civilization: Call to Power, Civilization 2: Test of Time and Alpha Centauri. With all of these big names battling it out for what the gaming industry keeps …

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How to lose – in one easy lesson, by Henri A.

“As usual, I played the game after only a quick scanning of the readme and none of the manual. I got my ass kicked on the easy level. Here is how I did it.

First I chose a country (Holland in the default screen) with only two forest squares; this ensured that I would be short …

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Inmate 642 on Imp 2

Imp. 2 is one of my favorite games. I play on Nigh Impossible level and almost always can pull off a win against the A1 (years of practice and many, many games…imp.2 is also multiplayer).

Try this: Pick a starting nation with no Major Power Neighbors and at least 1, preferably 2 minor neighbors. Disband your …

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Winning with Portugal, by Mike Montgomery

Here is a short tutorial on how to win with Portugal on the Normal setting with the standard old world map. (In case you are not aware, Portugal has a very bad starting position, with only 4 provinces. If you can win with Portugal, you can win with anybody.)

Research priorities
Saw Mill $300 -> Printing press …

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Kevin Allegood’s Imp 2 guide

To start off, build 2 more explorers, 2 spies (you might have to make paper for this). Sent all but one of your ships around to explore the new world. Disband any military unit but knights (whatever they’re called, the first level of lancers) and one unit of archers. Send your explorers to explore your …

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Imp2 FAQ by Tim Maurer

Imperialism II is one of the niche games that doesn’t really receive a lot of the attention that its relatives like Civilization or Colonization get. But it’s addictive nonetheless, and you definitely get your money’s worth.


I. Intro
II. System Requirements
III. Difficulty levels
IV. The Map Generator / Europe Map
V. Great Powers
VI. Minor Powers
VII. New World
VIIa. NW Resources
VIIb. … Read more…

Various Imp 2 tips

In general, don’t bother trying to win over the New World with money or diplomacy. Instead, be as politically incorrect as possible, and send in the troops to grab as much territory as possible before the other great powers can. (Ed: not subtle, this one, but it works. Also: go for their capitals; that way …

As soon as you develop rifle technology, turn away from producing expensive cannons and instead concentrate on infantry. Ten infantry units can take out a fort as quickly as the cannons, and they’re also a lot cheaper to produce. (Ed: I must remember to try this one.)

Be careful when it comes to playing power politics. The aim of the game is to conquer half of Europe, but do not let others benefit from your work. AI players are more than willing to scoop up major powers that you have softened up or cut off from the riches of the New World.

Weaken other empires one after the other, until you are ready to make the big play and capture those last few crucial provinces.

Cheat (Balanced resources): Hold [Ctrl] and click on the globe at the new game screen, then type Pippin. The red country will begin the game with balanced resources.

The following are from Michael Rymaszewski’s Strategy Guide. This book is essential reading if you want to get the most out of Imperialism II. Also, Slap’s Imp2 site has a good tips page.

What you have, others may lack. Use the Diplomatic screen and the Deal Book to identify current and looming shortages. You can make powerful friends and turn a nice profit at the same time.

It’s a good idea to enter bids and offer even if you have no desire to trade anything. This lets you examine the current state of the market; remember that you only receive information on the supply and demand of the commodities you bid for or offer for sale.

At the higher difficulty levels, beware of pursuing trade with Minor Nations too aggressively. When another Great Power has established an embassy and signed a pact with a Minor Nation, it probably needs the resources that Minor nation supplies, and will get upset if you barge in. Monitor the state of your relations with that Power on the Diplomatic screen.

Portugal and Holland are the trading experts among the Great Powers. These two prefer peaceful assimilation to war — although they won’t hesitate to opt for conquest at the higher difficulty levels.

Workers don’t need to be healthy to acquire new skills. If you have tobacco but no sugar cane, stock up on paper, then educate your peasants into journeymen on two consecutive turns.

A Great Power with plenty of food but little in the way of industrial resources can be expected to embark on a very aggressive course. It will have enough food to support a hug army, and will use that army to acquire territory that contains all the resources it needs.

The diplomatic attitude of Minor Nations and Tribes is unaffected by the strength of your military. However, the size of your armed forces means quite a lot to other Great Powers; weaklings are held in contempt and are viewed as possible prey.

In war, use your navy to fake multiple landings. This ruse can help disperse enemy forces, luring away the defenders of provinces that you intend to attack for real. Be warned; the other Great Powers do this, too.

To assemble a fleet of ironclads without pain, continue rapidly expanding your merchant navy, building many smaller ships rather than fewer larger ones. Once you discover Advanced Iron Working, you’ll be getting a free Ironclad for every 10 merchant ships you build.

Multiplayer: Keep a low profile! It is human nature to bind together and topple the leader, so do your best to maintain the potential for power without flaunting it. If you maintain a healthy reserve of resources and population, you can churn out a powerful military force in one turn.